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a place where People, businesses and families choose to be








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A message from Kristen

Kristen L. Pope is an award-winning journalist, CEO at Pope Productions, and a Natick Mommy. In addition, she works as a member of the Natick Personnel Board and the Board of Directors for United Way of Tri-County.


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My family and I have established deep roots in the beautiful town of Natick. Just before we moved here, we were so excited for our baby's future we sponsored a brick in her name at the elementary school. I can't believe she is there in Kindergarten now.

Serving our community is not just a privilege but a responsibility. Whether it's something as small as picking up our neighbor's kids from activities, my role on the Natick Personnel Board, and my husband Richard's tireless work on the Natick Finance Committee, the Pope's live to make a positive impact on our community.

I would be deeply honored to represent Natick on the Select Board and I humbly ask you to vote for me on March 28th.





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Thanks to all who attended our first #KristenWillListen at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea in Natick Center. More to come weekly. Stay tuned for dates & times.

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The Select Board of Natick works in unity, and my goal is to continue that unified collaboration in government and in the town of Natick. Unity doesn’t necessarily mean we always agree on everything, but the one thread that our Natick Neighbors agree upon is that we all want our town to continue being a great place to live for all people who reside and want to come here. I will prioritize building bridges and closing gaps between the neighbors that built Natick, the neighbors that want to build upon that foundation, and the prospective neighbors.

Natick, Massachusetts
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It is important that the town government work for and represent Natick and all its communities efficiently and that we uplift, engage and bring every community to the table. My goal is to bridge this gap. By working collaboratively on the board to determine the best governing policies and practices for town government and empower all communities represented in Natick to engage, feel seen, and heard.

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My key goal is to ensure that our budget and Natick's 2030+ plan are sound and sustainable for Natick’s future. I will collaborate with our Select Board and government to ensure a balanced budget and protect programs that impact our most vulnerable populations. My goal is always to ensure that, along with all Natick residents, our most vulnerable populations, such as children, economically challenged, seniors, veterans, and single parents, are experiencing the best Natick has to offer.


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My community work as a leader in Natick and across the Metrowest region brings people together and fosters a sense of belonging. Through volunteer efforts, we are able to build relationships and strengthen the bonds that connect us as a community. By working together, we can create a more inclusive, equitable, and just society for all people in Natick.

For me, service is personal and a given. As a child growing up, I was taught and lived by the biblical principle "to whom much is given, much is required." My parents both made a habit of volunteering at church and in the community. My mother even served in an elected office while I was in grade school. This example left a deep impression on me and serves as a core value.

As a member of the Natick Personnel Board, my team and I have played a significant role in ensuring that the town has a strong and dedicated workforce. By recruiting and retaining top employees, we are able to provide essential services to the residents of Natick such as public safety, education, and infrastructure maintenance. This in turn makes our community a better place to live, work and raise a family.

My role as a leader on the Personnel Board is crucial to the well-being and success of Natick. By promoting fair and just negotiations for contracts and wages, providing guidance on personnel procedures and administrative practices and supporting employee training programs, we are able to ensure that all town employees are treated fairly and that their rights and interests are protected. This helps to establish a stable and strong community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.






The success of our efforts at the United Way of Tri-County is attributed to our unity as an organization. In 2022, serving on the Board of Directors, we helped provide nutritious meals to 47,000 individuals, up from the 29,000 we helped the previous year. Unity played a crucial role in this achievement.

Natick democratic town committee

Natick · Coffee with a Purpose


Natick a place where People, businesses and families choose to be





Removing barriers to participation in town government is needed. Our town is rich in many types of diversity, but can only be as great as our most vulnerable and underrepresented being able to participate in town government.

As a Select Board member, I would recommend and support a strategic plan for outreach into our most underrepresented populations and communities to be empowered to contribute to Natick.

My husband and I don’t take for granted that we both can serve on town boards with a young child. It’s a sacrifice we both see as important. Not everyone has this benefit. I will work with the board to review our current opportunities to serve in town, determine the inequities and create a plan for outreach.

As a member of the Natick Personnel Board, I’m acutely aware of how our governance structure impacts our ability to attract great talent and work with our town employees to ensure our processes are their most efficient.

We want to be positioned to take advantage of key opportunities that are a good fit for our town and can help Natick.

I am grateful for the volunteers tasked to review and survey our current government structure.

I am committed to reviewing our current policies and procedures to eliminate inefficiencies and outdated practices to support our town employees, volunteers, and neighbors.

The Natick Affordable Housing Trust has highlighted that one-third of the population lives at or below the poverty line, with most of those being senior heads of households, despite the affluence of most of Natick.

Rising housing values and inflation are major challenges in the region. However, Natick has already demonstrated a commitment to investing in affordable housing.

As a member of the Select Board, I will work to prioritize and identify the best opportunities to establish more affordable housing options for families and seniors in the area.


Natick is a place where businesses choose to come. My private sector and entrepreneurial experience gives me a unique perspective into efficient processes to generate new growth in the most challenging of times.

One of those ways is to create new streams of revenue or new growth within a current business model or the ability to pivot to adjust to the times. We see some changes in the businesses coming to Natick Mall, like new biotech labs, Puttshack, and Level 99. We can do more.

It’s important to think creatively about the type of businesses we can attract and implement processes and policies to keep them. This is why I support keeping our tax rate a single rate for residents and businesses.

The Select Board plans several rezoning opportunities throughout West Natick and the Golden Triangle. Smart, responsible, creative economic growth helps to keep our taxes low and our town thriving into the future.


Natick has laid a foundation to formalize the need for an officer and committee focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and outreach.

The equity task force concluded with recommendations that include:

  • Creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, which the Select Board has voted yes on.

  • Create the role of a diversity officer that works for the town.

I was fortunate to be part of the personnel board that approved and since revised the role.

This is a good start, and there’s more work to do. There have been several interviews for the town role, and we have yet to hire someone.

As a member of the Select Board, I will prioritize in collaboration with the board continuing the work that’s been started and that both important pieces of our town be realized.


Natick is operating at a structural deficit. This is due in part to inflation rising at a greater rate than the percentage of tax increase we can legally raise in a given year.

Our budget needs and is experiencing some recovery due to the pandemic, as we’ve almost depleted the town’s stabilization funds. We have had to rely on one-time revenue sources and free cash to balance our budget.

As a business owner, I know the pinch and strain of the pandemic and the need to pivot and look for creative ways to generate income. My businesses were able to do this and create new revenue streams.

I’m committed to collaborating with my colleagues on the Select Board with creative ways to generate revenue and maximize our budget. Some ways include attracting more businesses to our town, increasing our housing stock, and planning for future capital and technological improvements.


We made Natick our home in 2017, and from the moment we moved in, I noticed the vibrant shade of purple on our front door. It was bright, friendly, and inviting, just like our neighborhood. At first, I was considering a new color for the door, but a friend down the road shared a special story with me. The color had a lot of positive intent and was chosen with the intention of bringing neighbors together.

As I heard and felt the story, I realized that this door was a symbol of unity, a beloved and well-known door, and the history it holds of bringing people together. My heart fell in love with our town, and the amazing people that have come through that door. Just ask anyone in our neighborhood; they know the house with the purple door. While I've made some updates to our home, the purple door is a constant reminder to preserve and nurture the unique, thoughtful, and special aspects of Natick that make it such a special place to live. The purple door is now a representation of the spirit of unity and community that we have in Natick.

I come to you today with a mission to unite our community and create a sense of connection among us all. While winning the election is important, it is not the end goal. The challenge I want to inspire is for everyone in our community to be involved in making Natick a better place for everyone. That's why I ask for your support, not just for my campaign but for this greater purpose.

One way you can show your spirit for Natick is by displaying a purple and yellow symbol on your front door. It could be a picture drawn by your children, a ribbon, or a string. The important thing is that it represents the same sentiment and symbolism my front door has for my neighborhood- a place of welcome, a place of nurturing, and a reminder of the hope we all share for the future of our town. Together, we can create a Natick that is more accessible and fair for everyone. Join me in this mission, and let's make our community a shining example of unity and connection for the rest of the country to emulate.

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Natick, Massachusetts




Dear fellow Natick residents,

As a proud member of the Personnel Board and dedicated member of our community, I am excited to announce my candidacy for a seat on the Select Board. There is a lot of work to be done and I cannot do it without your support.

With my career as a journalist, TV guest host, CEO of Pope Prodcutions and my job as an executive at Harvard, I have built valuable relationships with leaders in across business, government and non-profit organizations to help those in need. I am committed to using those relationships and creating many new ones to promote Natick as a premier destination for living, working, and doing business.

As a Natick resident, I understand the importance of preserving unity and working towards and achieving a common goal. With your support, we can further our collective vision for Natick.

I am asking for your support in the form of donations, endorsements and especially your time if you wan to join our team, email us at kristenfornatick@gmail.com.

Anything you can donate I appreciate, no amount is too small.

Let's work together to move Natick forward.

Let's win on March 28th!

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